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If I Had You- Sims 2 S1E2

Title: If I Had You- Sims 2 S1E2

Published: June 20, 2012

Uploader: Xsims2rocksX

Duration: 04:24

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Guess who's been kicked out? Well, Derek and Bella now have to find their own home, but end up living with Bella's Uncle Sam and Aunt Lily.

Bella is very nervous about telling her family her secret, but when she does, she gets support from both parents, but soon learns that her parents can't fund another child- therefore kicking her out. Her mother is sad as can be, and doesn't want her now 16 year old baby to leave. Bella and Derek end up moving in with Bella's aunt and uncle, they are completely supportive and definitely have the money for them. Bella feels like a burden, having her aunt and uncle spending money and time on her and her to-be child. Derek is a little shy, and doesn't want to admit to Bella he still hasn't told his parents about this...bump in the road.

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