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If I Had You- Sims 2 S1E1

Title: If I Had You- Sims 2 S1E1

Published: March 18, 2012

Uploader: Xsims2rocksX

Duration: 04:11


Well I'm back after almost 3 1/2 months... sorry guys.

HERES WHY I WAS GONE: No, I didn't die. I got a mac for Christmas and thought "Hey! now i can have better sims videos!" Then realized all the downloading and how it would take me years to download everything again. After i realized i was actually going to keep filming on my P.C i also realized i needed a new story plot. So i watched all these sappy love story movies, watched a lot of movies actually... and searched for inspiration in books and T.V shows. I finally got inspiration after watching 8 movies, reading the entire hunger games series, reading the bread winner (awesome book), and re-reading breaking dawn AND re-reading some old written down plots i wrote- i finally had a plot.

Side Notes!!!!!

-This series is rated PG-13
-This is actually an old plot i wrote when i was 12 or so (I'm turning 14 in December now), so i re wrote it a little and worked out a knew and improved story lines
-I am also coming up with the series along the way a little so...yeah

It starts out as a teen pregnancy story but it will slowly progress into something else and grow more story lines.

-This is not a true story
-And before you suggest it- no i'm not grilling the baby but thanks for the idea :)
-This is a totally original story line, i also created the characters by myself.

~Brooke :)

Also, this video is blocked in Germany because of the audio- so sorry!!!

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