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If I had you | S3 Episode 6 (sims 3 series)

Title: If I had you | S3 Episode 6 (sims 3 series)

Published: November 02, 2016

Uploader: Simself

Duration: 13:18

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So, that happened. The party-episode :))) I really hope you enjoy this episode because I KNOW I DID. I'm not gonna say a word on what happens in this episode, just don't be confused about Elise and Ashton not being in it, if you think about it that only makes sense because they are catching up on their sleep after the bet. I'll get to them in the next one, right away.

Oh and I just want to let you know, from now on I won't be answering "When is the next episode?" anymore, I understand you are eager and want to know when to expect it, I really do. I also know it's not your intention to rush me or anything, but I just have no way of knowing when I finish the next. Sometimes I'm able to get it done fast, other times I just fall behind, like with this episode. This may have to do with having to build sets or simply getting busy with real life. Either way, no need to ask that anymore, cause I don't know and it only makes me feel pressured.

I really hope you enjoy, and leave me comments :D I LOVE COMMENTS and you guys :3