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If I had you | Episode 1 (sims 3 series)

Title: If I had you | Episode 1 (sims 3 series)

Published: November 11, 2015

Uploader: Simself

Duration: 12:04

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This is episode 1 of my first sims 3 series ever! It’s far from perfect, but I promise you quality will improve. Trust me, I would know; I finished episode 9 yesterday haha. So a lot will be coming your way!
The first two episodes won’t contain any filmed movements, I’m sorry, but I had some struggles with my in-game camera and it took a while before I found another way to film. It worked, so halfway episode 3 actual video’s will make their enterance.

Special thanks to all my friends who read the story and who supported me along the way, thank you!

Don’t forget to watch in HD, I didn’t put all my settings up high for nothing lol.

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