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Domenico Modugno - Ciao Ciao Bambino

Title: Domenico Modugno - Ciao Ciao Bambino

Published: November 04, 2015

Uploader: finetunes Oldies

Duration: 03:05

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Ciao Ciao Bambino by Domenico Modugno from the album The Very Best of Lemon Popsicle
Released 2014-05-16 on One Day Music
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Lemon Popsicle is an Israeli film directed by Boaz Davidson and released in 1978. It has since acquired cult status and spawned eight sequels, the last released in 1988. Lemon Popsicle was an immediate hit in Israel, selling over one and a quarter million tickets by the end of the year and grossing over 12.5 million Israeli lira. A third of its budget of three million Israeli lira, a little less than one million pounds, was used to secure the rights to include classic songs from the Fifties in the soundtrack.
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